About Raising Hope.

Have you ever come across an individual or family that needed help and you wished that you were in a position to help them but didn’t know where to start? We start here. Together. As a community. Our mission is to raise money every month and pay it forward to a deserving candidate to assist them with whatever needs have been highlighted whether its childcare, bills, or medical care.By removing some of the pressures of the daily struggle we aim to reinstall hope to deserving people.

Nominate Someone.

You can submit stories of people you know needing help or you can submit a story of yourself.  Stories can be submitted each month and I will select 10 stories that have touched my heart. Those 10 stories will then be passed on a committee of likeminded individuals who will research each story ensuring its authenticity before narrowing it down to a top 5. Those top 5 stories will then be shared with the public and will be open to a vote. The story with the most votes will be approved by the committee and the deserving candidate will be receiving a visit from myself to present them with the gift of Hope. Whatever amount is raised each month will go to the person selected.

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